Auto Data ID Generation for Header Fields

Using the Auto ID Generator, POSM can populate a field in the header from other values already entered into the session. To setup the Auto ID Generator, open the preferences and then click on “Setup Auto ID Naming”. To enable Auto ID, first check the Enable Auto ID Field Generate check box. Next select a field that will populated from the “Generate ID into Field” dropdown.

Up to 10 items may be selected to build the Auto ID field. It may help to first find the fields in the
Database template editor.

To create the LSR, six POSM header fields are used in this example.

Lateral Segment Reference: FIeld22
Zip Code: Field64
Building Address: Field33
Upstream Manhole: Field23
Downstream Manhole: Field24
Tap Location: Field26
Lateral Number: Field63
Figure 3 shows an example of when the Generate ID button is pressed to create a LSR of:
94101_122_1_2_15_1. If the user does not enter one for the Auto ID fields, the software will warn the
user to enter the field data before the ID will be generated.
To use the Auto ID Generator, start a new session and fill out all fields except the Auto ID field.

Pressing the “Generate ID” button for the Lateral Segment Reference field pulls data from the five selected fields. If no data exists for one of these fields a message box will appear warning the user they must enter data into these fields first.