POSM Cross Bore Lateral inspection with Lateral Segment Reference Transfer

Start new session (Using POSM Lateral Launch)

Select the Mainline inspection

Select the correct lateral which is being inspected

Click “Start LACP Session” to open POSM with the PACP information transferred to this inspection

Fill out required fields in LACP header

Press the “Generate ID” button to generate a Lateral Segment Reference (LSR)

Press the “Export Inspection Info to Notepad” button

Copy the Header info from Notepad into the clipboard

Open email client

Enter the address into the Subject line

Paste the Data From ExportHeaderInfo.txt Note Pad file.

Send the email to the Trimble GPS Unit

Receive email in Trimble Windows Mail

Select the LSR from the email by long click and holding on the Trimble Screen

Click Make Selection

Select the LSR from the screen, then click and hold on the screen to open the copy menu

Click the Copy Button (in red) to copy the LSR into the Trimble clip board

Open Terra Sync

Start a new point collection

Choose the feature that is being collected, in this example a Tap Point will be collected

Enter the house number and street (this can be copied from the email)

Scroll to the “Lat Seg Ref” and click into the field to open the keyboard

Click the “Ctl” key and then the “V” key to paste the LSR into the “Lat Seg Ref” field.

Fill out the rest of the required fields and collect the GPS point that will now contain POSM’s Lateral Segement