Crossbore Elimination from an Excel List

Using a list of addresses or IDs of mainline and laterals will allow a user to process the list in POSM to determine which inspections have been completed, not-completed, and not inspected. To begin a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file must be created for POSM to import.
To create a CSV file of a excel list open the document in Excel and use the “Save As” function to generate the CSV file.

Once the CSV file has been created it may be opened inside POSM.
To process the file, open POSM and go to the Session Management function. Click on the Misc tab and click on the “Ext Insp Compare” button.

Once the External Inspection Compare screen is open, click the “Open External CSV Data” button.

Select the CSV file created in Excel and then press the Open button.

Select the Lateral and / or Mainline fields in the Field 1 and 2 drop down fields.
If you do not wish to generate a list of inspections missing from POSM check the Don’t Search for
Inspection Not in File checkbox. This box will normally be checked for most inspections. Press the “Process Inspections” button to process the file.

Once complete the reports will open in Excel for printing and to save into an Excel document. POSM will generate three files. CompleteInspections.csv is a list of all inspections that are complete. Incomplete inspections will be a file of inspections that have had an inspection but are not fully complete. NotInspected.csv is a list of inspections that have not been inspected yet.
For the Complete and Incomplete inspection files POSM will add columns for Session ID, Last Inspection Date, Asset ID, Length Surveyed, Full Segment Complete, Cross Bore Found Status, Reason Not Completed, and Inspection Count.