Crossbore Elimination using POSM Map Reader and POSM GIS

Inspection Status

The POSMGISData.mdb file can be updated by POSM with an inspection status by using the “GIS Insp
Status” function in POSM.

Press the “Open POSM GIS Data” button to select the POSMGISData.mdb file to process.

Choose the PosmGISData.mdb file from the PMF of the project to be processed. Press the “Process
Inspections” button to continue.

POSM will give a status of the inspections that are in the GIS Database and the number of Complete and
Incomplete inspections.

POSM will open a list of inspections from the PosmGISData.mdb file that have not been inspected yet. To view the whole file open the PosmGISData.mdb access database.

POSM will add two new columns to the PosmGIS table once it has been processed. These are “Full
Segment Inspection Complete” and “Inspection Count”.
This data may also be displayed visually using POSM Map Reader. To begin open the project PMF to be processed.

Select the Layer to be processed and then select the field that has the Asset ID value used in the POSM GIS data file. For this example we will generate a map of address laterals that have been completed. The “Assigned Address” and “A_LSR” fields will be used to load the IDs from POSM.

By checking the “Show Inspections” box the map will updated with all inspections that have an inspection and the Completed field has been used. If the Completed status is true the map will be green. If the Completed status is false the address will be yellow.
For this project the Full Inspection Status special field was used. Using this special field the map may be updated green for inspections with a true “Full Inspection Complete”. The map will be yellow for addresses that are not fully inspected.