GIS Engineering Creates POSM Map Reader PMF and POSM GIS Data
POSM Map Reader And GIS Data are Used to Start PACP Mainline Inspections
Mainline Inspection Finds Each Lateral Address is entered Remarks for each Lateral
Push Camera Operators use POSM
Record Each segment from
yard trap to house, and yard trap to main if launching truck failed to clear the lateral
GPS Operator Locates Each Access Point, Bend, Cross Bore, Cleanout using POSM
Generated Lateral Segment
Truck attempts to Launch Each Lateral. Each Lateral has a
Lateral Segment Referenc
Generated by POSM

Office Post Processes GPS data and creates line segments with POSM Lateral Segment Reference
Office imports all data to POSM Server and checks each inspection
POSM data is linked to map line segments via Lateral Segment Reference. Each observation is listed with image on the map by Route Event distance in the lateral