Configure Trimble GPS for NMEA Output

The Trimble GPS may be configured to output NMEA GPS strings on its external port allowing windows applications to read the GPS data. This document will describe how to setup a Trimble GeoXH GPS receiver for NMEA GPS output on its external serial port.
1. Begin by starting the GPS Controller application

2. After starting the GPS Controller open the GPS Connector application by clicking on Start -> Settings -> Connections and then tap the GPS Connector icon

3. The COM1 port should be configured for NMEA output (4800-8-1-N). If this port is not already setup for NMEA
output, click the setup button to configure it.
4. Select “External – COM1” from the NMEA output drop down.

5. Click the wrench icon to ensure that NMEA strings are sent to the COM1 device.
6. Select NMEA standard for the Port configuration and then press OK to save the settings.

7. Press OK to save the GPS Connector settings.
8. If the port is disconnected, press the Connect button to output NEMA on COM1
9. Once the GPS is connected to the external COM1 port open the GPS Controller application

10. The first time that the GPS is used for NMEA output, the correct output strings must be setup. To setup the proper NEMA strings, click the dropdown in the upper left hand corner labeled Skyplot, and then select Setup.

11. Click the GPS Settings button to configure the GPS

12. Ensure the NMEA output is ON and then click the wrench icon to configure the GPS NMEA strings
13. Check the following NMEA Output Settings

14. Press OK to save the NMEA Output Settings
15. Press OK to save the GPS Settings
16. Once the GPS Receiver has a lock on enough satellites the Trimble will send NMEA strings to COM1 port allowing a windows application to receive GPS data.