GPS Unique Code Verification

The POSM operator will add an observation like normal. After clicking Add Observation a Unique Code
Verification box will appear, because a Unique Code existed.

The Verify Unique box will appear on top of the main form and the Unique Code on the main form is hidden. The POSM Operator will announce over the radio the Unique String as It is phonetically pronounced. When the GPS operator has confirmed they have received it, the POSM operator will press “Verify Code”.

The Code will now be hidden from the POSM operator. The POSM operator must now enter the code in from the GPS technician and then press “Check Code”.

If the code is valid, a box will appear to tell the operator to repeat the code to the GPS technician again.

If the user has made a mistake, a Pop Up box will appear telling them which box has the wrong value in it. It will also tell them the correct value it should be to verify with the GPS Technician the correct value has been entered into the GPS.

When the GPS technician has received the code for the 2nd time, the POSM operator may press
“Complete” to finish adding the observation into POSM.