1. Start POSM, Resume a Session, Click on Tools -> Enable Grid.
2. Remove the protective lens dome.
3. Using a number 6-32 screw, remove all three adjustment access ports.
4. Loosen the 3 hex screws locking the camera in place.
5. Using the Grid as a guide, Adjust the lens so that the oval is perfectly center on the video screen.
It may help to use Full Screen Mode in POSM as well.
6. Loosen the Master Lock hex screw at the 4:00 position.
7. Adjust the Up / Down Vertical Adjustment at 12:00 until the lens is perfectly centered vertically.
8. Adjust the Left / Right Horizontal Adjustment at 9:00 until the lens is perfectly centered horizontally.
9. Check to ensure the oval is straight on the grid. If the angle of the oval has changed, repeat step
10. Tighten all three camera locking hex screws ensuring each is tightened gradually to keep the camera centered.
11. Carefully tighten the Master lock at 4:00 and ensure the lens is still centered.
12. If the lens moves while tightening the master lock, repeat steps 7-9.
13. Re-Insert all 3 Adjustment Access Ports
14. Replace Protective Dome
15. Pressurize camera with nitrogen to 3 psi