I’ve setup a POSM AWS Database with Drobox sync so everyone in POSM can work with this.
Please make sure your dropbox is installed on your C drive. If not you will need to create you own DB Connection to POSM (see notes below on connection).

The end goal, POSM running on Amazon Cloud Microsoft SQL Server, all data stored on Dropbox and Online synced to the Video folder so it doesn’t use space on the truck but has access to all POSM data for all trucks).

You start by creating an Amazon RDS database for Microsoft Server. Then you have to open it up to the public 1433 port so the world can see the SQL Database.

Under Security Groups Port 1433 will need to be opened up to the RDS service for this server. This allows the SQL Server to be open to the world.

Using the POSM Data Connection manager a new database connection is created to the AWS Database. POSM will be running inside a Dropbox folder. Its important that everyone installs Dropbox to the same drive and folder (I put mine in the root of C Drive). If dropbox will be in another folder, you must create a path and connection just for your workstation.
Once the info is entered, press Create SQL Database to create a new database. Once complete you can press List Database Structure to view the database tables and ensure it was built.
To finish the install run the POSM updater.

Update POSM to the current version.
Then select the POSM_AWS (or whatever the server connection was named when creating it in

Hight the connection and press Update SQL Database structure. Once complete press OK.

Highlight the templates to update or install, press Sync Template To Defaults for each template to update or install to the database.

Go into the Drobpox folder that has the POSM Cloud sync folder. Right Click on the Video folder. Then choose SmartSync. Select Online Only as the option. This will sync the video and image folder for each session to the cloud and not use space on the local truck.

You now have a cloud synced POSM. Setup POSM Backup on the truck to backup the local
POSM to the cloud POSM folder.