Compress Videos with POSM Session Management

Videos can be converted to different formats, sizes and compression rates with the Compress tools located in Session Management. While POSM does make a backup of videos before it compresses them, it is always suggested to have a backup of the sessions in case of failure. To compress videos open session management and check the sessions that will be compressed. The five buttons will do the following:
Compress Videos: Compresses only the whole run videos of a session
Compress Clips: Compresses the Clips of a session
Empty Backup Folder: Deletes all the backup files in the VideoBackup folder
Setup Video Compress: Opens the setup page to change compression options
Click on the Compress Tab at the bottom right of the form.

Check the compression settings by clicking on Setup Video Compress. In this example the videos will be compressed from their current format to 320x240 MPEG1 at 1500 KB/s bitrate.

For H264 compression, select Type H264. A fixed bitrate can be used, but CRF is suggested. A value of 28 is the default. A smaller number will give better quality but higher file sizes. A larger number will give lower files sizes but lower quality. It is suggested to try a few.
I suggest using 640x480 on the trucks and for the compression. If videos are already in 320x240 format, 320x240 is suggested as upscaling does not increase quality.
After the settings are confirmed press the Compress Videos or Compress Clips button to start the video compression. A
popup dialog will appear to verify the compression settings. Press Yes to continue.

The software will display the compression status at the bottom of the form’s compression tab. When finished an OK box will show.