Configure K-Lite for POSM Usage

The K-Lite codec package is a collection of codecs that allow windows to play most video and audio file types used today. POSM makes use of this with our 2253 USB Encoder and Video playback. Configuring this codec package requires a few steps that must be done properly or windows and POSM will not play videos back properly.
The K-Lite Codec package may be downloaded from:
The package must be installed and configured as an administrator of the computer. Step One: Open the K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool

Step Two: Edit the DirectShow Filters Configuration
Step Three: Edit the ffdshow video decoder. Click on Codecs, then scroll down to MJPEG. Change it to libavcodec.

Step Four: If running a 64-bit machine, configure the x64 ffdshow codec as well.
Step Five: Edit LAV Video Decoder, Click on Formats Tab, and Select all Check Boxes except for MJPEG.

Step Six: If a installing on a 64-bit system repeat for 64-Bit LAV Settings
Step Five: Set all Preferred DirectShow Decoding Filters 32 and 64 bit to LAV Video except for MJPEG. Select ffdshow for

Step Six: Disable Media Foundation extensions

Step Seven: Disable all Microsoft Codec Tweaks by checking all boxes on Microsoft Codec Tweaks Form

Step 8: Reboot the Computer