Converting Posm MPEG Video to an Analog Source (VCR or

DVD Recorder)

There has been quite a few requests for customers who wish to convert their Posm sessions to a VCR tape or another analog video source. Normally this is done while the session is running but on occasion the operator does not record or the customer requests after the project has been turned in that VCR tapes be submitted. All of the ATI all in Wonder cards have TV out capability. This can be used by connecting the Black TV out breakout box to the ATI card.

Figure 1: Back of Posm Install with DVD Video Recorder

The above picture shows a configuration with both ATI breakout cables plugged in and a composite cable feeding into the recorder. When possible it is recommended that the SVIDEO output be used for higher quality video output. For users with the JVC SR-S365U RS232 vcr a svideo cable plugged into the Y/C input can be used while the composite (Video In) input stays connected to the Posm equipment. To switch over to the svideo input simply open the door on the front bottom left and switch the input from line to Y/C. For users with other vcr’s or dvd recorders the composite input must be first unplugged and switched over to the composite video out from the computer.

Figure 2: Posm MPEG video output through JVC VCR

The above caption shows the video output from a Posm Mpeg recorded session converting to a VCR

Once the black ATI Video out breakout box is connected to the computer and the video cable is attached to the VCR, the TV out must be enabled in windows. To enable the TV out right click on the ATI icon in the system tray.

Figure 3: Enable Video Out

Click on the secondary output, then on Extend Desktop. The output on your TV should now be the background desktop of your computer. Once the output is enabled start posm and generate a report for the session that needs to be converted to a tape.

Figure 4: Playing a MPEG Video in Posm

Click on the video tab then click on the link for the recorded MPEG video. Before the video begins to play, press record on the VCR and let the video continue until the end of the video. When the video finishes press stop on the vcr.

After all of the videos have been converted to VHS tapes the TV output should be disabled. To disable the TV out right click on the ATI Icon in the system tray.

Figure 5: Disable TV Out

Click on the Secondary display, and then click Disable display. The output on the TV should go black. Replace any cables back to their original positions for Posm recording, or set your VCR back on Line to enable Posm video in.