Create Jewel Case Label for POSM DVD / Blue Ray Disc

The POSM Print Jewel Case for Report folder has been updated to now use Nero Cover Designer for its label making. To make report labels for a POSM disc Nero Cover Designer will need to be installed. It can be downloaded from:
To create a DVD label first select the sessions to be burnt to a disc.

Burn the DVD and when the label is ready to be generated press the “Print Jewel Case for Report Folder”
button. A window box will appear to ask the label of the disc. Enter a name and then press OK.

When the Jewel Case Creator window opens the user must ensure the path to Nero Cover Maker is set. Press the “Browse” button o set the path if it has not been done so.

The user may change the CD Title and CD Name if they so choose. To create a label press the “Open
DVD Label” button.

Once inside Nero Cover Designer select a style of case for an Audio disc. POSM formats its sessions for
Audio information. A custom template may also be made and saved into Nero Cover Designer.

The label may now be printed on many different types of DVD label paper.