Multi Page numbering for Posm Projects when printing
It has come to our attention that some customers want to number their Posm sessions from 1-X for the entire project. Since Posm uses web pages to create the printouts, numbering the pages becomes difficult. But, using Adobe Acrobat a user can import an entire DVD of reports and turn them into one large file. Thus allowing the printout to numbered from 1-Last page of report easily. Also the report can be quickly emailed out as one file too.
This example was created using Adobe Acrobat Standard 7.
1. Make sure that in Internet Explorer the Page Setup fields for Header and Footer are blank. If they are not, they will show up in the final product and be the wrong numbers.

2. Open Acrobat

3. Click on File ->Create PDF -> From Web Page

4. Browse to the DVD location or choose the file on the hard drive where the reports were exported to. Set the Levels to 3 and check the box for Stay on Same Path. Click Create to begin creating the document.

5. Click the settings button. Make sure that Create Bookmarks and Place headers
& Footage on new pages are both unchecked.

6. Once finished the first page of the DVD or exported report will show as well as every page linked to the index page. On reports with many pages it can take some time for it to search every page.

7. If any page is not needed, they can simply be cut out by clicking Document
Delete Pages.
8. To create new Headers and Footage for dates and page numbers, click on Document -> Add headers and footers. Insert page number or dates on the header or footer as your project requires.

9. To Save the PDF file of the Posm reports click Save and give it a name. Once saved the report can easily be emailed to a customer with Pictures since they are all in the PDF file.

10. Now the report can be printed out and binded with all numbers in order. It can also be sent to a printer such as FedEx Kinko’s so it can quickly be printed in color and binded.