POSM HTML Report Extra Fields
To use these fields in the HTML Title page, simply place them in the Templates Report HTML data. All field data comes from the Session table directly.
{Version} - Outputs the version number of POSM
{Comments} – Outputs the Comments Field
{ManholeStartLatitude} – Outputs the Manhole Start Latitude Field
{ManholeStartLongitude} – Outputs Start Manhole Longitude
{ManholeEndLatitude} – Outputs End Manhole Latitude
{ManholeEndLongitude} – Outputs End Manhole Longitude
{StartManholeHeight} – Outputs Start Manhole Height
{EndManholeHeight} – Outputs End Manhole Height
{StartManholeOffset} – Outputs Start Manhole GPS Offset
{EndManholeOffset} – Outputs End Manhole GPS Offset
{ManholeStartX} – Outputs Start X Coord
{ManholeStartY} – Outputs Start Y Coord
{ManholeEndX} – Outputs the End X Coord
{ManholeEndY} – Outputs the End Y Coord
{GPS_Accuracy} – Outputs the GPS Accuracy
{Coordinate_System} – Outputs the GPS coordinate system
{SessionID} – Outputs the sessionID of this session
{PosmUnique} – Outputs the unique ID of this session
{LinkedInspectionUnique} – Outputs the Linked Lateral inspection ID
{TemplateName} – Outputs the template name of the session
{VideoEncoderSerial} – Outputs the POSM USB Encoder used to record the session
{PosmVersion} – Outputs the version number of POSM that the session was recorded