POSM / Hansen (Neztek) Transfer

Steps for POSM / Hansen Transfer

• Create asset groups in Hansen and group them into a Project

• Export the project via Neztek to POSM

• Import the project into POSM

• Select each run from the project and add observations

• Export the project to Neztek (Hansen)

• Import the project to Hansen

Group Manhole Assets

Create a group Project

Export the project with Neztek Data Exchange Utility

Using POSM’s Hansen Database Manager,
import the database and select an inspection to start

Insert at least the start date and make any other needed changes to the pipe or manhole information

While performing CCTV add all observations as needed

Print any reports as needed from POSM

After all inspections are complete export the database with POSM’s Hansen Database Manager

Import the project back into Hansen with the Neztek Data Exchange Utility

Check for variances and update asset information with update tab

The inspection may now be viewed with pictures in Hansen