POSM Map Reader 2.0.10 with GPS

POSM Map Reader 2.0.10 has been released with new exciting features. POSM Map Reader is now compatible with ESRI
9.3, 10.1 and 10.1 64-bit ArcReader setups. We have also added a new Template feature that allows the user to quickly start a Nassco PACP, LACP, MACP Level 1, MACP Level 2, or POSM Custom template. This allows for lateral inspection trucks to click on a map to inspect both PACP and LACP inspections.
We have tested a new GPS unit, the Globalsat USB BU-353S4 SiRF Star IV. This GPS installs on windows XP, 7 32-bit and
7 64-bit. It also works with POSM GPS NMEA capture and POSM Map Reader. The GPS allows POSM Map Reader to quickly pan to the location of the inspection vehicle. Allowing for more accurate pipe inspections and faster start times.

Figure 1: Globalsat USB BU-353S4 SiRF Star IV GPS

POSM Map Reader 2.0.10 also supports the POSM inspection view. By checking the “Show Inspections” check box, Map Reader will find each inspection located in POSM’s database and then highlight them as green lines for completed runs, yellow lines for incomplete runs on the map. The map can be printed for a daily log of which lines have been finished.

Figure 2: POSM Map Reader 2.0.10 Loading PACP Session

Figure 3: POSM Map Reader 2.0.10 Loading LACP Session

Figure 4: GPS collection in POSM Header