POSM Map Reader Inspection Status

Using POSM Map Reader users can quickly see which pipes have been inspected and which have not. When the “Show Inspections” box is checked, POSM Map Reader will read all of the inspections that are currently in the POSM Database. If the user has marked an inspection as Not Complete, it will show up in yellow. Pipes that have been set to Complete will be shown in green. For customers that have numeric only PipeIDs, they may have to check the ID Numeric box before checking “Show Inspections.

When the special field “Full Segment Inspection Complete” field is used the Map Reader will read the POSM database for all pipes that have either a true of false value for Full Segment Inspection Complete. Lines that have been inspected but are not fully complete will show in Yellow, whereas lines that are fully complete will be highlighted in green. A line that has not been inspected will remain in its standard color.

Customers that make use of the “Full Segment Inspection Complete” special field may also use the “GIS Inspection Status” in Session Management. This will keep the POSMGISData.mdb database up to date with pipes that have been completed and how many inspections have been performed on a pipe. For more information on the “GIS Inspection Status”, please refer to the “POSM Inspection Complete Status Tracking” file.