POSM Merge Sessions

POSM Merge allows a user to merge upstream and downstream sessions into one session. This can be useful when linking sessions to GIS to obtain a single score for an inspection. This is also useful for displaying observations on a map. To use this function open session management and search for InspectionCount > 1 with a Sort By on AssetID. This will list all the sessions that have more than one inspection the same AssetID and will group them together. Only two sessions may be merged at one time. This will typically be the upstream and downstream run of an inspection. Select a downstream and upstream run for a single pipe.

Figure 1: Session Management search for inspections with multiple runs

Under the Misc tab select Merge Sessions. In this example Asset TC4-M11-14 to TC4-M11-16 will be merged into one session. The downstream inspection will become the main inspection used and the upstream inspection will be merged into the downstream session.


Figure 2: Downstream run


Figure 3: Upstream run

Once the sessions are merged search for the AssetID for the pipe to find the newly merged inspection.


Figure 4: Once merged only the downstream inspection will remain

When viewing the plot report for the merged inspection ensure the “Measure From Rev Data” checkbox is checked. This will allow the plot report to show both the downstream and upstream observations in order.


Figure 5: Plot reports for measure from data

The output report will now be a merged inspection of both runs, with all observations and videos.


Figure 6: Merged plot report