Posm Jewel Case Creator

Posm Jewel Case Creator will create an index of all sessions on DVD or CD burned in Posm. To start using Posm Jewel Case Creator, put the DVD or CD in the drive and let it spin up. When the program is started, a pop-up box appears asking for a path to the database to be used. This will be the DVD or CD drive location.

In this example D: is the drive being used. Select the Posm.mdb file and then click
Open to continue.
Next the CD Label window will appear. Fill in the name of the disc to appear on the label and then press OK.

Once in the main program, all of the sessions will be listed on the Front / Inside cover as well as on the Back Cover tab. To change the CD Title or Name, change the text on the boxes in the lower left hand corner. To print the current window, press Print. To Print both the Front and Back covers press “Print Front and Back”.