Restoring Videos that are missing from a Session

Videos that are missing their videos may be manually reattached by using the Edit Video for Session from POSM’s
Session Management form. To being open Session Management from the introduction screen.

Select “Sessions with Vid Missing” from the Database Field drop down. Press Search to locate all sessions with Video

Highlight the first session to restore its video. From the manhole text box copy one of the manhole numbers into the clipboard.

Using windows explorer, navigate to the Orphaned Videos folder. Open the search window and paste the manhole copied from Session Management into the Search box. Click Search now.

The user can now look at the file names to determine the correct manhole to manhole run, dates and times. To further more ensure the file is correct open the file with windows media player. The intro text should display the Inspection Manholes, direction, and date/time. If this information matches the session data in POSM, copy the file name of the selected file into the clip board.

From POSM’s Session Management, ensure the session is highlighted and then click “Edit Video for Session”. A box will pop up that states, “Source File Cannot be found”. Click OK to close this window.

The user should delete the missing video from the session by clicking the “Del” button from the interface. To add the new video, click the “Add” button.

Navigate to the Orphaned Videos folder and then paste the copied video file name from the Windows Explorer search
into the “File Name” box.
Click the open button to load the video into the Edit Video for Session interface.

The video should begin to play once copied into the session’s folder. Double check to ensure it is indeed the correct
video for this session.

Click Exit to close the Video Editor and move to the next session.