Setup XBOB 4 for POSM Usage

To communicate as efficiently as possible with POSM the XBOB4 needs to be custom configured using
the Decade Engineering “Bob4 Conscriptor.exe” program.
To begin plug the XBOB4 into a known serial port, ensure the XBOB4 is powered on and then start the
BOB-4 Conscriptor program.

From the Serial Drop down port, select the Com Port that the XBOB4 is plugged into.

From the Serial -> Baud Rate drop down select the Current Speed of the XBOB4. By default all XBOB4’s
ship at 9600 baud. In this example the XBOB has already been updated to run at 38400.

Select the Configuration Editor from the File List menu.

If the XBOB is to be used in an NTSC environment select NTSC, if the XBOB is to be shipped to a PAL
country select PAL.
Ensure the Video Source (18) is on External. Select the Comm Tab.

Enter “38400” in the Serial Baud Rate (40) box.
Make sure XON/XOFF is set for Serial Rate Control (41)
Make sure SPI 2 (58) is on “10-XEI Present”. Failure to set this option will result in the distance encoder not working.
Press the Download Button.

Once the XBOB says “Configuration download Complete” press “Done”.
Power off the XBOB, Wait 5 seconds, and then Power the XBOB Back on.

Inside POSM Edit Preferences -> Setup Overlay / Counter the XBOB4 should now be Auto Found with
38400 Settings.