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OmniEYE 360

+ 360° Pipe Unwrapping.

Increase Production Distances and Defect Accuracy with the

RST OmniEYE 360 Camera and POSM Panomorph Sof tware.





Experience the first panomorphic inspection system available for pipeline inspection. View simultaneous forward and unwrapped video footage. Precise, automatic measurement and distance recognition for optimal observation and defect coding. Simplified inspection process; crews only need to clean the line and then run a continuous inspection. Post processing can be accomplished in the field or office.


• Crystal clear, unwrapped pipe images utilizing single conductor technology.
• Compatible with all existing RS Technical systems.
• Captures data up to 70 feet per minute.*
• Accurate measurements from X and Y axis, allowing lateral, joint, and
crack measurement.
• All data may be uploaded to POSM Server and linked to GIS.
• Built on patented lenses and technology.

*30 feet per minute recommended for highest picture quality and safety.

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