POSM Panomorph Specification for 2010

Panomorph Hardware

- The resolution must be at a minimum 720x480 NTSC video.
- Lens must be based on patented Panomorph lens technology.
- Must be able to record in MPEG4 720x480 (AVI) format.
- The video shall be recorded at a minimum of 30 FPS.
- The video encoder shall be a PCI Darim Mpegator4 or Sensoray USB MPEG Encoder 2250.
- The distance encoding hardware shall capture at least 10 pulses per revolution.
- The text overlay device shall be a Decade Engineering XBOB4.

Panomorph Record

- Users shall be able to see video recorded live as it is recorded.
- The recording application shall record the video into MPEG4 format.
- The recording application shall capture each 0.1 distance increment.
- The recording application shall capture each video time stamp at each 0.1 distance increment.
- The recording application shall be able to capture each 0.1 distance increment and time stamp up to 70 revolutions per minute.
- The recording application shall be able to auto find the distance encoder text overlay device.
- The recording application shall be able to preset the distance encoder to a set distance.
- The recording application shall be able to record in MPEG 1, MPEG 4, or WMV video.
- The recording application shall be able to pause the recording video stream without the need to merge video files later.
- The recording application shall create both a video file and index file of distances and video time stamps.

Panomorph Post Process

- The user shall be able to post process Panomorph videos in the field or office.
- The software shall open video files and indexes from POSM Panomorph record.
- The software shall inform the user if an index file is missing.
- The software shall allow the user to play, pause, and move frame forward and reverse.
- The software shall display the player time.
- The software shall keep track of file distances and times synchronized to the video.
- The user shall be able to set a start clock angle of the camera allowing the 6 O’clock position (bottom)
to be adjusted.
- The software shall be able to adjust grabbing angles and zoom limits to capture 0.1 distance increments
- User shall be able to create a PDF format report of the entire pipe unwrapped flat.
- User shall be able to view live video unwrapping on the screen where each 0.1 foot is displayed as recorded in a flattened view.
- Software shall output a condensed, unwrapped PDF that has 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns of pipe.
- Each 0.1 distance increment shall be displayed on the output PDF as recorded with the POSM Panomorph record.


- 1 column report shall output 5 feet per page.
- 2 column report shall output 11.2 feet per page.
- 3 column report shall output 26.7 feet per page.
- 4 column report shall output 48.4 feet per page.

Panomorph Edit

- Forward facing video and flat image views stay in synchronization.
- User may pause, 1X ,2X, 4X fast forward or reverse the video.
- User may advance frame by frame forward or reverse.
- User may scroll the flat image view to advance both front video and flat image view.
- Distances are entered automatically based off flat image location.
- Measuring can be performed on both X and Y axis accurately.
- Measurements are captured as a red line on flat view.
- User shall be able to set a field to populate from the line measurement.
- Uses same coding systems as POSM Pro allowing for custom templates as well as standard coding systems such as NASSCO PACP, LACP, and MACP.
- Images captured while coding are captured from both front view and flat Panomorph view.
- Software must allow users to jump to any section of the video and unwrap the frames at the point centering on the distance selected.
- User must be able to use a slider to jump to any section of video and produce a center view of that position.
- The users must be able to see a forward view and unwrapped view simultaneously.

Server Software Integration

- The unwrapped video and images shall be imported into the data collection system.
- The unwrapped PDF document shall be integrated into the data collection reports and have the ability to be linked to GIS.