POSM Panomorph

RST Omni360

Robert M. Katter POSM Soft LLC bobk@posm.us


RST Omni360

RST Omni360

• Will run on any RST controller and setup.
• Has light control to increase and decrease intensity of light.
• Focus controls allow the system to operate in different sized pipes.
• Current resolution is analog 720x480 NTSC video.

– Higher resolution digital Omni360 cameras are planned for future models.

• Lens based on patented Panomorph lens technology that yields higher resolution than fisheye.

RST Omni360

POSM Panomorph Record

• Records in MJPG Format with
USB MPEG Encoder.
• Records every 0.1 distance increment(up to 70 feet per minute) with video time position using the XBOB4.

– 5.6,12110000,00:00:01:21

– 5.7,14260000,00:00:01:42

• The two files combined are opened with POSM Panomorph Unwrap to create reports.

POSM Panomorph Post Process

• Allows user to setup final output options for 1, 2, 3, or 4 column PDF pages.
• Process Panomorph will create a PDF report of the entire pipe unwrapped and flat.
• User may manually unwrap video with 3 steps, or unwrap many sessions at one time from Session Management.
• Post Process must be performed in order to use Panomorph Edit with synchronized flat video output.

POSM Panomorph Flat Pipe PDF

• Each 0.1 foot is displayed on screen as recorded with the POSM Panomorph Record.
• Observations and remarks will be placed onto the PDF at the distance added.
• As the pipe diameter increases more length of pipe will be displayed per page.
• PDF reports are attached to the session in additional reports.

POSM Panomorph Edit

POSM Panomorph Edit

• Front facing video and flat image views stay in sync.
• User may pause, play video at 1X, 2X, and 4X speeds, or play the video in reverse.
• User may advance frame by frame, forward or reverse.
• User may scroll the video to advance both front video and flat image view.
• Distances are automatically entered based off flat image location.
• Measuring can be performed on both X and Y axis accurately.
• Measurements are captured as a red line, rectangle, or circle on flat view with distances displayed on end points.
• Uses same coding systems as regular POSM Pro allowing for custom templates as well as standard coding systems such as NASSCO PACP, LACP, and MACP.
• Images captured while coding are captured from both front view and flat, Panomorph view.
• Clock and distance positions are stored on image when an observation is added.