ECO-Star Overlay: Changing Feet

to Meters

Step 1

To change the overlay measurement of the distance counter(ft./m), you must first connect the mini keyboard via its respective port on the Eco-star.(front panel right hand side)

Step 2

With the keyboard connected, proceed by turning ON the main power (switch in top left corner). Next turn on the ECO power. (main control panel)

Step 3

Having the unit powered on, use the keyboard to press

the “Shift”+“F9” command. A menu will then appear on screen. This allows you to select and access both distance counters.

Step 4

With the menu

displayed, press M. You will then be required to enter a password, just press “Enter”. This will

take you to the next screen.

Step 5

In this menu, press Enterfollowed by another Enter” (2x) (cursor now in bottom right corner)

Now you may select the unit you wish the distance counter display. Press F

for Feet(ft) or M” for


After entering the desired measure press “Enter” to save, and then “Esc” to exit


Distance Counter

with Meters(m)

Distance Counter

with Feet(ft)

Step 6

After exiting the screen, go back and preform the same procedure (as per above) for the Meter Counter 2 by pressing “N”. Follow the steps as before and save. You now have successfully changed the meter counter units.