Windows 7 Services to disable to increase performance

Press Windows key + R then type msconfig, go to services tab, click “Services” tab, then click word “Service” to sort all services in alphabetical order.

Uncheck the following services:

Application Experience

BitLocker Drive Encryption Service

Diagnostic Policy Service

Diagnostic System Host

Distributed Link Tracking Client

Encrypting File System (EFS)

Family Safety


HomeGroup Listener

HomeGroup Provider

Human Interface Device Access

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

IP Helper


Network Access Protection Agent

Offline Files

Parental Controls

Portable Device Enumerator Service

Protected Storage

Remote Access Connection Manager

Remote Desktop Configuration

Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector

Remote Registry

Routing and Remote Access

Secondary Logon (If they are only using one login)

Tablet PC Input Service


Windows Biometric Service (if there are no fingerprint scanners, etc)

Windows Error Reporting Service

Windows Media Center Service Launcher

Windows Media Center Receiver Service

Windows Media Center Scheduler Service

Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service

Windows Remote Management

Windows Search 

Press Apply and ok to confirm changes. Reboot computer.