Deleting Inspection/s

Delete Sessions Using Start Screen
Deleting A Single Inspection Can Be Accomplished From The Main Screen.
Are You Sure You Want To Delete
Do You Wish To Resync
Resync Complete

Deleting inspection/s can be done from the Main Window as well as Session Management.
The Delete Selected Session button on the Main Window is used for deleting one inspection at a time. Highlight the inspection, press Delete Selected Session button and answer Yes twice to the confirmation pop-ups.
To delete multiple inspections, go to Session Management, check the inspections, then press Delete Checked Sessions form the Tools Tab. Answer Yes to the two pop-ups.
After deleting one or more inspections, a database resync will need to be run. This will force POSM to re-read the database and re-display its list of inspections.
It is important to note that the delete function does not send any data to the recycle bin. All database information and media files will be directly and permanently deleted. Use delete functions with caution.

Deleting Multiple Sessions Is Best Accomplished In Session Management.