Hardware – Sensoray USB Video Encoder

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Video and Image Options

The Sensoray USB Video Encoder is an analog to digital video capture device. In most cases it also serves as a dongle that unlocks a registered version of POSM via its unique, embedded serial number.
When troubleshooting video issues it is best to review the LED light on the Sensoray, next to its USB cable connection. The Sensoray’s LED will be off when the device is not plugged in or the computer is not powered on. The LED will be flashing red when the device is working correctly but is not receiving a usable video signal into its Video In connection. The LED will be solid red when the device is receiving usable video signal.
The first line of troubleshooting a problematic video issue is to close POSM, unplug the USB cable (from the computer USB port if possible), give it about 5 seconds, then plug it back in. Wait for the LED to illuminate before launching POSM.

Setup Software Video Preferences
Live Video Preferences Screen.

This window shows the default settings for video recording. This window is accessed by going to Edit Preferences from the Main Screen of POSM then clicking ont he Video and Image Options button.
Some organizations have custom settings that differ from these. See POSM Support for additional assistance with video settings.

Setup Software Video Preferences Image Options Tab
Pressing Default Button For Media Encoder Settings Is Best Option For Most Users.